Collaborative Learning Community: Federalist and Anti-Federalist Debate


This is a CLC assignment.

The conclusion of the Revolutionary War did not mean the cessation of disagreements about the form of government the colonies should take. Fierce debate took place over the new Constitution. Federalists argued for a strong national government as put forth by the Constitution. Anti-Federalists believed that such a government gave too much power to the national government. They were persuaded that there was a need for a bill of rights to curtail such power. The instructor will assign you to a team that will take an assigned side in what was a raucous debate.

Establish your team’s position as Federalist or anti-Federalist by explaining the respective arguments.

Provide support for your argument from what colonists had experienced at that point in history. You will verbally confront and refute the opposition.

Finally, predict the bright future of America if it follows your side’s suggestion about government. Submit the assignment in the most persuasive format your team can imagine.


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