Human Resource ManagementFebruary 21, 2021

Extra-Credit Assignment #2 Writing about Communication = 20 points
Submit five questions and answers[1] about any of the following ten topics. Be creative and try not to write about the same topic more than twice. Each question and answer must be a complete sentence. You can base your questions and answers on chapter readings from the book, my slide presentations, guest speaker presentations or weekly modules. Please submit your questions and answers in standard APA format with a cover page. Each correctly written question and answer is worth four (4.00) points. You must submit five questions and answers. Each must be numbered in regular Times Roman font. Each answer must be bulleted in Times Roman italic font. This is a time-sensitive, deadline-oriented extra credit assignment that must be completed no later than 11:59 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Non-Verbal Communication
Verbal Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Mass Communication
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Management
Cultural Communication

Please see sample questions and answers below:

What is storytelling?

My co-worker talked to everyone in the office for more than 30 minutes about her vacation in Paris.

What is competing in conflict management?

In a video shown in class, a flight attendant confronted a passenger who ignored the illuminated fasten seat belt sign to use the bathroom.

What is verbal communication?

A recorded announcement on the Metrorail tells passengers to stand back to let people get off the train.

What is non-verbal communication?

A blinking light on the Metrorail platform alerts passengers that a train is entering the station.

What is self-disclosure?

Everyone in Monday’s COM 101 class wore Wizards, Caps, Redskins or other sports team t-shirts.

[1] Your answer must be an example of the communication topic as opposed to the standard definition.


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