comparative religion confucianism quot ren quot and quot li quot

Discovering other religious paths a. Outline the history of additional selected religious traditions, b. Examine core beliefs of selected religions, and c. Identify practices of selected religions.In Confucianism, one is motivated by “ren”, or virtue, to live in harmony with others. One is also influenced by “li”, or the proper way of doing things.
Discuss how you think being a society motivated by “ren” and “li” would be beneficial or harmful to our American society. Give examples from the text. Make sure you use 200 words in your initial response. (Use Molloy – page numbers and/or topic headings) And then respond to one other’s response. (Use Molloy-page numbers and/or topic headings)
All Discussion board postings need to include a correctly cited source, either in MLA or APA format. Both in text citation and at the end of your posting. Failure to do so will result in loss of points.
All discussion board postings are to be 200 words in length, if the discussion board requires 2 postings they both must be 200 words in length and include a properly cited source
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