As mythic heroes, Odysseus and Gilgamesh share many qualities, despite being written about thousands of years apart. This final paper will compare the two for similarities and differences, as well as thinking about what their status as heroes tells us about their cultures. In this 3-4 page paper, I want you to compare Gilgamesh and Odysseus. Both are epic heroes. Both travel over long journies, but these works were written thousands of years apart in countries thousands of miles apart. Your paper should compare their similarities and differences, looking to decide how they differ as leaders, heroes, rulers, and individuals. In particular, how do they journies change each of them.Finally, I want your paper to address the question: by analyzing these two characters, what does that tell us about ancient Babylon/Sumeria and ancient Greece? What values do these two cultures define as “heroic”?You should use quotes and citations from the two texts to back up your ideas.


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