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bus322 what do you think will be the best job to have and whyJune 11, 2021Over the length of this course, you will be engaged in writing assignments about a psychological disorder of your choice that will help you build pieces of the final project. This will allow you to geJune 11, 2021

For this assignment, you will create a simple slideshow presentation utilizing PowerPointâ€s basic formatting tools. You can create your own content or use this link (Links to an external site.) to evaluate content on Job Search Success Strategy to put into your slides. Remember all of the best practices on picking relevant content for slides. You can always include info in the comments to help remind you other topics related to what the slide is showing to talk about.
Do not forget to include any citations where you get your information. Below is the citation for the Job Search Success Strategy website above.
Your slideshow presentation must include the following at a minimum:

A title slide
Add an additional 7 slides (8 total slides)
Choose a theme layout that fits well with the subject of your presentation
Use comments on at least 2 slides
Change the font style from the default font found in the theme you chose to something else; keep it professional
Change the themeâ€s color scheme from its default setting; keep in mind best practices for slideshow themes
At least one slide must have a text box with more than 1 column
At least one bulleted list
At least one numbered list
Add a citation page for any of your sources. If you used the Job Search Success Strategy website to help with your slideshow content, you will need to cite that resource on your references page. You can copy this citation to do so: ReferencesJoyce, S. P. (n.d.). Job Search Success Strategy: PROactive vs. REactive Job Search. Retrieved October 2, 2018, from

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