Complete Section 4-6 of the outline according to the scenario provided.

The Team Course Project requires you to act as consultants for a fast food chain and develop a new food product. Your competitor has just launched a new campaign introducing Junior and Grand sizes to their already famous and successful hamburger and is drawing sales away from your client. Time is of the essence, yet you do not want to over-react and make a costly mistake. You will need to be innovative and capitalize not only on your client’s success, but also focus on how to bring back lost revenue and launch a strong marketing campaign. Your market research and product launch strategy will be described both in a written paper as well as presentation of your recommendations to the class.

Cover page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (this should be the last section written)
Complete product/service description, including the type of innovation represented, and the source for the idea
Product/service offering and a description of benefits that customers will both recognize and realize
Competitive analysis
Market-research steps necessary to test the concept
Safety or health concerns with the use of your innovations, if any
Development strategy
Launch strategy, including any considerations of using strategic alliances to get to market

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