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This helps meet specific learning goals and aims. The class should be made interesting and stimulating to the student, who is the lecturer’s duty to ensure this where the lecturer makes his or her lesson inviting and challenging to find out what comes next.
The lecturer needs to show the students that he takes an interest in them where he has to show them that he likes them and they belong to that class.

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The introduction of math review on concept and facts is an example of an activity that enables students to be centered in learning math. This is achieved by reviewing material covered in a fun way as students pay close attention because they are never sure when their answers will be called. Assist give students a variety of ways to self-monitor their work. The simplest way is to offer them checklists to keep track of completed tasks. The other thing is that the lecturer must make the lesson an experience that will enable the student to gain self-esteem because they are successful.
There are activities that the lecturer has to carry out to motivate students and increase their interests in learning by use of incentives in the classroom to assist motivation towards the achievement, for examples price sand assignment, assist the students in setting realistic goals, develop special projects for the child whose interest is yet to be tapped by the school, have a real purpose in the school work you assign to your students and make sure they relate to their requirements .lecturer ensuring that he does not always point out errors in students work but show how the finished product can be improved which increase the student’s interest in learning and you motivate him also.
As the lecturer try spending at least two minutes at the start of the lesson, you ask questions, show photos, and play clips as the technologies you can apply give quick teamed activities. This helps addresses unique learning styles. There is the need to manage the hyper students, and a student who can screen out irrelevant stimuli is off-limit. This can be achieved through the following:
Giving clear, written, and verbal directions so that your students can find it simple to stay on the work. Students who know how to do their work well will be less apt to be of a class than those who do not know what they need to accomplish.
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