Leadership week 3 assignmentSeptember 15, 2021

Compose a 2000 words assignment on is it right to take your own life. Needs to be plagiarism free! Sad isn’t it. Yet the dilemma of the situation is that people can still make it a debatable point. They can provide you with a long list of reasons which will justify his desperate action. We have come to that level of insensitivity that today I am required to pen down an assignment that questions the righteousness of the action of committing suicide. Under no circumstances will I call the action of killing oneself correctly.
The unfortunate state is that we have been so much infused with the words our rights that we think we can also interfere in God’s decisions. I know sometimes the situation gets out of hand. Like the above-mentioned boy, there are people, who get stuck in such a manner that no outlet could be found. We go so deep into the ocean of disappointments that no light reaches us. Still, I do not believe that the light has disappeared altogether. It is just the fact that we are not facing it. Let’s first analyze the motives which instigate a person to take this extreme measure.
Depression is the root cause that pushes people so hard against the wall that the only escape seems to be suicide. And this just proves that people act so desperately when they are not totally fit. Nine out of 10 people who commit suicide have a diagnosable mental illness and up to three out of four individuals who take their own life had a physical illness when they committed suicide (Dryden-Edwards). The way we perceive society usually depends upon the health of our brain. The state, where we have convinced ourselves about the cruel nature of the world, can only occur if a person has some psychological illness. And as we do not hold a psychologically upset patient responsible for his actions we can’t allow him to take his own valuable life. Studies have shown that the majority of the people who take their lives are mentally sick and so their actions cannot be justified under any circumstances.&nbsp.
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