Compute a predetermined overhead rate, writing homework help

PowerPoint presentation / discussion: Find a current accounting article related to the weekly reading from the Wall Street Journal, the Journal of Accountancy, or a similar journal and make a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation explaining the article and submit it to the Current Topic Discussion Board and comment on the presentations of others.
this week’s reading is on Job-Order costing below are some topics that are included in the chapter. you can use it as a guide to do the powerpoint.

Compute a predetermined overhead rate.
LO 4–2Apply overhead cost to jobs using a predetermined overhead rate.
LO 4–3Compute the total cost and average cost per unit of a job.
LO 4–4Compute underapplied or overapplied overhead cost.
LO 4–5Use the direct method to determine cost of goods sold.
LO 4–6Use the indirect method to determine cost of goods sold.
LO 4–7 (Appendix 4A) Use activity-based absorption costing to compute unit product costs.
LO 4–8(Appendix 4B) Understand the implications of basing the predetermined overhead rate on activity at capacity rather than on estimated activity for the period.

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