Scenario: You are a health information professional working for Dr. Heath in his private practice. Dr. Heath has a large practice with several ancillary services attached. He and his partner see 50 patients a day in the practice, many of whom receive on-site diagnostic procedures. The diagnostic areas that Dr. Heath has are x-ray, electrocardiography, and laboratory.

He is concerned because a number of patients have complained that in each area of care, the health personnel seem to ask the same questions.
The redundancy is annoying.
He is considering computerizing his data collection to streamline the data collection process.
Before he does, he wants to make sure that he understands the clinical flow of data in the facility.

Dr. Heath seeks your advice and assistance in resolving his problem. Write a 2-paragraph summary for each of the questions below. In total, your assignment should have 4 paragraphs (2 for each question).

What do you recommend?
.How would you go about implementing your recommendation?
. Make sure your recommendations address those items in the scenario (1-4)

illustrates the concept that a patient has one medical record number but may have many account numbers, which are linked through the Master Patient Index.

Why wouldn’t we just include all of the patient accounts in the Master Patient Index?

create a computer order entry screen for the physician.

What specific elements will your form contain?
Will you utilize drop down menus? If so, for what information?
What data validity checks will be possible? (identify specific documentation items will require validity checks)
What physician satisfaction issues might arise from the implementation of your computerized order form?
Any equipment specifics you can identify for physician use? Location and type?

Search the CMS web site and review the MDS 3.0 for long term care.

Why is the MDS different from UHDDS?
Why is so much more data required?


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