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Activity 1.1: Create a timeline of events

In this assignment, you are going to be creating a timeline of key figures, their contributions to policing and other critical events that shaped the history of policing. Using, or a similar tool, you will be creating your timeline and rationale for why you have chosen these items. Variation will occur between student events selection, leading to a rich discussion around why you’ve picked your events.

Instructions and Supporting Material

  1. First, you will be reading Chapter 2, “A Brief History of Police in the United States” in our course textbook. You should then supplement your review of historical figures by reading the provided Historical Figures page, Reading 1.1.
  2. Watch the History of Policing Videos, Part One, identified on the Module 1 overview.
  3. Conduct additional research online using your favorite Internet search engine to locate creditable resources.
  4. In your response, be sure to cite your sources using APA. You may want to refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab,
  5. The suggested timeline tool for this project is (, although you can use another similar tool. A tutorial can be found HERE with tips on how to develop your project.

  6. Meaningful comments require analysis on your part. For example, share some information about how the content posted is the same or different from what you have seen or experienced or pose questions that further and deepen the discussions. You can bring in new examples or challenge the classmate to further one’s thinking or position.Statements like, “I agree” or “That is a good point” do not demonstrate thinking and analysis, and are not considered “meaningful comments”.If your thinking is well developed and meaningful, it does not necessarily mean your post has to be long in length.
  7. Be sure to cite your sources using APA. You may want to refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab,

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