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ASSESSMENT Brief (specific)
Summative (final) assessment comprises of a 4,000 words (3 parts):
Part 1 (1,000 words) – historical concepts
Using two examples, critically analyse historical and contemporary approaches to mental health.
Discuss one example of socio-economic influences on mental health
Part 2 – Case study (specific) (2,000words)
Select one of the case studies provided Place this in the appendix in your assessment).
· Analyse the case study, and identify a possible diagnosis from the description provided, justifying reasons for selecting the type of mental health problem. Link with available literature.
· Discuss the possible forms of treatment and intervention and how the person can be supported, taking into considerations the available mental health services in the U.K..
· Discuss the implications of this diagnosis for the person concerned, including any potential risks.
· Critically reflect on how current policy and legislation would define best practice to meet the holistic needs of this service user.
Part 3 – Reflection (1,000 words)
Using Gibbs’ Model, reflect on how the case study you have discussed could develop and inform your practice when working and /or caring for individuals with mental health issues. What have you learned from undertaking this case study?
Specific Assessment Criteria:
(Please note that the General Assessment Criteria will also apply. Please see section 15)
Secondary Research Level HE6 – it is expected that your reference list will contain 15-20 relevant sources. As a MINIMUM the reference list should include 3 refereed academic journal articles and 5 academic books
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