our Excel project is to build a model to construct the cumulative average-time learning curve for E 3.8 from your textbook (page 122). You will construct the learning curve for 1 – 32 units (not increments of 1,2,4,8,16,32) and you will answer requirements 2 and 3 as well.
Please note that you should use good Excel model design techniques as follows:

You should have a title
You should have a separate input and output area that are clearly designated
The input area should contain the model assumptions, appropriately labeled and formatted. You should avoid calculations in the input area as they will be hidden from the user.
You should have instructions telling the user the purpose of the model and how to use it.
The output area should contain the results of the model. Each cell in the output area should contain either a reference of a formula, WITH NO NUMBERS TYPED INTO THE CELLS OR FORMULAS IN THE CELLS. If you do this, your model will fail when one of the inputs is changed, thus rendering the model useless or worse, if a user assumes it is correct and uses the output.

Finally, please note that the Excel worksheet shown on page 111 of your text IS NOT a good example. It is unformatted, has no separate input and output areas and repeats a value that should be embedded in the formula. DO NOT reproduce this if you wish to earn credit for this assignment.
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