Council-me Microsoft Office Spreadsheets Intro to Spun Mat. Principles of Amwnn; Intro to Business Approaches to literature Intro to Dance Sport

You are going to example of a new database that contains records of the courses you have taken last semester and this semester. If you only take one or two courses a semester, you can go back further in time to include some, as well as courses you plan to take.
Open Access and make a new example of a Table and Save it as My Course List. Your field names will be: Course Code, Course Name, Semester Taken, and Year Taken. Use the example shown below.
(Use the Second Course list)
Course ID’S-
Abnormal Psychology-
Ballroom Dance-
Contemporary College Algebra- MS141I7-1
Early Word Civilizations-
Human Growth and Development-

Introduction To Microsoft Office- IT111I7-1

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