You are an IT Security consultant and are putting together a proposal presentation for a perspective customer. The organization is a small company that has grown rapidly. Using both Windows® and Mac® laptops, they don’t yet understand the value of information security, the potential effects it has on their company, or ways to protect their employee computers from attacks.Create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that would be used to conduct a business proposal to the company in the scenario above explaining the benefits and applications of information security. Simply submitting slides is NOT sufficient. Include detailed speaker notes for each slide with a transcript of what you would say.Address all of the following key points at a minimum:A brief overview of information security and how it can impact the companyPotential threats and business impactsBenefits of a strong company security postureBuilt-in operating system tools for both Windows and Mac systems that can help them maintain a secure computing environmentCreate an introductory paragraph outlining the portfolio’s contents.


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