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Application: Time Line

Planning a major project requires organization and planning. You are currently in Week 1 out of 11 weeks. Creating a time line is useful in planning the various stages of the project. This Application Assignment will assist you in planning and completing your Capstone Project by having you identify the various stages of the Project and create the time line for its completion.

To prepare:

  • Review the “Capstone Project: PSYC 6393” PowerPoint presentation in this week’s Learning Resources to determine the components of the Capstone Project.
  • Review the document, “Creating a Time Line for the Capstone Project,” located in the Resources area on the left navigation bar.
  • Review the Syllabus, paying particular attention to the Weekly Course Schedule.
  • Review the document, “Writing a Capstone: Things You Should Know,” in this week’s Learning Resources.

The assignment:

Create a time line for the accomplishment of your Capstone Project.

Capstone Project:

The Capstone Project will address a specific problem or issue related to your MS in Psychology specialization. The Capstone Project is a major paper that must include a problem statement and an integrative literature review using critical analysis that leads toward resolution of the specific problem. The Capstone Project is due by Day 7 of Week 10.

Submit your assignment by Day 7.


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