critiques on yu guang zhong

This is a 5 page MLA format cogent essay in which you begin by stating a problematic, then go on to identify themes it texts you plan in analyze or compare, to examine textual evidence in detail to support your argument, to draw on current scholarships, and to conclude your original insights.
Please research and come up with your perspective of Yu Guang Zhong.
Selection and significance: why this poet? What is the framed subject? Your Finding and Contribution?
Integrate Bio, historical information, Scholarships and textual analysis.
Make your point.
Suggest themes: dominant imagery or symbolism, poetic diction, use of objects bodies places, overcoming modernity (please choice 1 theme and focus on it. Also to come up with a topic.)
While important to review major findings in the field, you should demonstrate your critical capacity by engaging the experts and sustaining your own line of arguments between primary and secondary.
Minimum of 3 outside resources not originating online.

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