A Place at the Table Reflection Paper
The assignment is to write a 1.5 to 2 page paper reflecting on a topic from the documentary. Choose one of the topics below. For some of the topics you could write a longer paper, but I donâ€t want you too. Just narrow down your response. Please give the topic some serious thought and analysis. The paper should be typed and in MLA format. Be sure to proofread for and correct errors in grammar, syntax, and mechanics.
3.As the film shows, Barbieâ€s son Aiden experiences developmental delays because of poor nutrition. Many children like him donâ€t have the adequate nutrition to support reasonable growth and development. What social costs (by costs I donâ€t mean just money, but any disadvantages to society) arise from having so many under-nourished children? How could we as a society address this issue?

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