Current Events Essay

History is being created around us and is everywhere if one simply pays attention to his or her surroundings. What we live today will be in tomorrow’s textbooks. For this assignment you will be required to review 3 separate articles from 3 unique sources that will examine a single current event topic. The exact topic is up to you but the article must come from a respectable source (major news outlets, international press, in-print magazine or newspaper.) It can be any present day topic (politics, war, geopolitical, race, economics, etc.) but it may not be anything related to entertainment or pop culture. The topic/articles selected must be serious pieces of journalism. If there is any question about whether an article satisfies the assignment, please get it pre-approved.

Assignments will meet the below requirements.


Outline the current event issue (what is going on?)
What unique perspective does each article contribute to the topic (what point is presented to the readers?)
What evidence is used to justify the information presented (interviews, statistical data, historical comparisons?)
What are the historical parallels?
What is your perspective of the topic?


Length: 4-6 pages
Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
Margins: 1” all the way around
Spacing: Double spaced, 0pt spacing before and after paragraphs
Title: Chicago Manual Style citation of articles
Header: Name, Class Meeting Time


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