Dark Energy

 This term paper will be discussion of an important concept, experiment, or technique.
 The first page of text should have the title at the top followed by the author’s name and date. Please do not include a cover or folder. Write the paper with other students in Science 3609 as the audience. The paper has to be five to six pages (typed text with 1 ½ line spacing and 12-point font maximum) in length. The full paper must contain a literature-cited section and not a bibliography. As long as you are consistent and cite sources in the text, the format is flexible. Do not use quotes but put the ideas of your sources in your own words. Use original works as much as possible. Do not use textbooks. On-line sources are generally unacceptable. Check with your instructor to establish if the online sources are credible. The paper has to be submitted to instructor by the due date.The post Dark Energy first appeared on Blackboard Masters.


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