Investigate and modify workplace visual media communication to enhance efficiency in completing tasks.
Read the article What can we learn from Tropicana? and prepare a 2-3 page case study analysis using the questions below to explore this failed product design.

Describe Tropicana’s possible reasoning for the initial package redesign?
Describe three main visual reference elements that were changed in the package redesign? How did these changes impact the brand’s familiarity?
What visual elements, if any, did Tropicana keep consistent in their package redesign? Why is this important?
If you were hired today as the design agency to plan a package redesign for Tropicana, how would you implement the package redesign differently than was done in this case? Use full rationale and detail in your response.
When planning for a product package redesign, what other visual media components associated with the brand also need to addressed to ensure there is a cohesive visual recognition of the brand?

Required Resources
Young, S., & Ciummo, V. (2009). Managing risk in a package redesign: What can we learn from Tropicana? BrandPackaging, 13(7), 18-21.
link to reading:


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