Demonstrate an awareness of factors influencing professional growth and role transition, NUR 300 Reflective Writing Assignment help

NUR 300 Reflective Writing Assignment: Review the classroom learning objectives for this course listed on the first page of your syllabus. Then, write a paper illustrating specific examples of how you have met each of these objectives. For example, did you approach a situation at work differently because of what you have learned in this course? Has your awareness of health care issues changed? Then, summarize how this course has helped you begin to develop as a professional nurse. Also discuss your needs for further development and how you will accomplish these goals. This assignment should be no more than 6 pages in length, not including the title page.
Must be APA format
Course Objectives At the completion of the course, the students will:
 Demonstrate an awareness of factors influencing professional growth and role transition, including professional and societal trends, as well as barriers to success.
 Integrate the professional roles associated with nursing practice including the roles of health provider, teacher, leader, manager, researcher, advocate, and colleague.
 Analyze processes that influence nursing practice including communication, change, group dynamics, and informatics.
 Interpret the influences of the changing health care environment by examining factors such as health care economics, changes in care in the home, individual families, and communities.
 Compare nursing professional development from historical influences to present day advances in nursing and visions for the future.
 Recognize the impact of theories on current institutional practices and health care outcomes.
 Evaluate ethical and legal issues surrounding the healthcare environment as they relate to baccalaureate nursing practice.
 Advocate for the healthcare needs of society in a changing economic, demographic, and cultural environment.
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