he following require you to write a short essay consisting of a few paragraphs (two-three paragrpahs).
1. Describe how you would conduct a survey that identified the most popular flavors of ice cream. Identify your target population and what kind of sample you would use. Explain what method of observation you might use to help generalize your findings.
2. Describe the main structures of a neuron and their functions. Explain how messages are sent from one neuron to another.
3. Describe how the pupil, lens, retina and photoreceptors work to transmit visual images to the brain. Explain how retinal disparity and cenvergence give us clues about depth.
4. Explain the differences between continuous reinforcement (the reinforcement of a behavior every time the behavior occurs) and partial reinforcement (the behavior is not reinforced every time it occurs). Describe how the different types of interval schedules and ratio schedules work.
he following require you to write a short essay consisting of a few paragraphs (two-three paragraphs). Refer to attatchments for reference of what is needed to be described in the questions.
1. Identify and describe Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development. Be sure to explain the specific cognitive characteristics of each stage.
2. Identify and describe the four categories of adolescent identity status. Explain how each category helps adolescents deal with identity crises.
3. Explain the factors that cause or are associated with eating disorders, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and juvenile delinquency.
4. Describe the physical, cognitive and social changes that occur in late adulthood. Identify the ways that the older adults can cope sucessfully with these stages.
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