Write a 3- page paper in which you do the following:
· Describe your personal definition of healthy sexual functioning.
o Does your definition differ between males and females, age ranges, and different stages of life?
o What demographical information might play a role in how we determine this as individuals?
· Explain how one recognizes his or her personal sex story (how you came to understand yourself as a sexual being).
o Does this play a role in our sexual identity and in our body image?
· Discuss how social media plays a role in our creation of a sexual identity.
o Does this differ based on demographical information?
· Identify how the following areas of development and life stages play a role in the creation of a sexual self.
o Provide one to two examples of ways these contribute to a changing sexual identity:
§ Older adults
§ Post-partum women
§ Disability
§ Adolescent and teenage years
Use materials from the readings and additional resources, along with your own thoughts.
Format your paper per APA guidelines.
Click the Submit Assignment link in the upper-right corner to upload your assignment
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