Think about the content, features, and functionality that will be available in your product. (If you aren’t sure – return to the previous module and spend more time in ideation.) Make a list of all of the possible features and functionality – or content items – that might be in your product. Depending on the product you’re designing, this could be a long list or a moderately short list. Aim for at least 15 items, but your list can be much longer. (I believe the free version of OptimalSort might be 30 items.)

An example list for a dogwalking company might be:

Customer login
Customer registration
Customer account
Ability to schedule a dog walk
Pet name
Pet photo
Pet information
Customer information
Customer contact information
Company phone number
Company email address
Company hours
Services available
Latest news
Dogwalker profiles
Vet information
Pet health information
History of walks for each pet
Upcoming walks for each pet
About us (about the company)
After you have your list together, create an open or closed card sorting exercise within OptimalSort that is relevant to your project (you should use a open card sort if you want users to help you name your sections; you should use a closed card sort if you want users to help group your content into pre-defined sections).

IMPORTANT – please follow the below instructions carefully:

You might want to customize the instructions on the Messages tab
In the Questionnaire tab, please choose “Email Address” for participant identification and add any pre-study or post-study questions if you have open questions you’d like to ask
Be sure to collect email addresses to receive full credit for this assignment
Make sure you launch the study
You need to have your exercise input into OptimalSort by 6pm on Friday March 13th. Once your content is in OptimalSort, please post the link (found in the Recruit tab) within Assignments in Canvas.

I will divide the class into groups and send out assignments the following week. You will be responsible for taking the card sort survey exercises for some of your peers.

write base on my topic

You can refer to the documents I uploaded to complete this assignment
This is the link that shows in the picture (which tells you what to do and how to do) that I upload below.


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