Topic: Nursing Leadership & ManagementFollowership is an emerging concept and it is described as a set of skills and behaviours that help improve team performance. An effective leader creates vision, sets direction and enables a culture in which others can thrive and work together to deliver organisational goals. Like leadership, good followership is increasingly being recognised as an important component of high performance. (Whitlock 2013)
TASK:Discuss the concepts of Leadership and Followership, including the traits and behaviours that influence the roles.Explore the dynamic relationship between the two roles in relation to working together for the mutual benefit of the clients and organisations ther serve. This activity could include examining different organisational structures, functions and cultures.Argument & Approach for first component:Describe Leadership and Followership Traits and behaviours of the roles – you could choose to use examples of relevant leaders to illustrate your discussionArgument & Approach for 2nd component:Explore the relationship between leadership and followership, includeWorking together (dependence/teamwork/collaboration)Mutual benefit of clientsMutual benefit of organisationsArgument & Approach 3rd ComponentExpands on 2nd componentImportant to note that different organisations have different functions:A large metropolitan hospital maybe a tertiary institution which provides specialist care over a full compliment of services and is a major place of referral by health care facilitiesBY CONTRAST a GP surgery provides primary care and often is the first contact point of care within a health care systemThese organisations have their own missions & philosphy’s and valuses … their own culture and leaders and followers are part of this.


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