Involving St. Mary’s County, Maryland

You have been asked by your local emergency manager to prepare a briefing for the chief elected official about the threats/hazards your community faces and the steps you will take to prepare for disaster.

1.Present the top 3 threats/hazards in your community

2.Discuss the planning process you will use to address the threats/hazards and the key steps in developing a contingency plan

3.Recommend hazard mitigation projects to reduce the overall threat

consult their local hazard mitigation plan (most likely available online) and also use the course materials to demonstrate the planning process they will use. They should also include the specific agency stakeholder names who will be involved in the planning process. The assignment should be 3-5 pages in lengthBased on the readings in the text and any research that you conducted, discuss security integrated response systems that can be utilized in transportation security.


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