Discuss the pop cultural allusions in Ready Player One.

Discuss the pop cultural allusions in Ready Player One. Why does the author utilize the music, films, video games, and television shows from the 1980s? What are some examples of allusions in the book? How well did you connect or not connect to these allusions? No external academic citation would be required if this option is chosen.

Discussion- Ready Player One -Three Assignment Options (Choose One)
For Ready Player One–
You have three choices for the discussion post. Choose only one option. You still have —400 words minimum required for this discussion, and you still need to comment in a Peer Response, minimum of 200 words, to another student’s work regardless of the option chosen.
Choice 1: You may post a regular discussion board posting (with two academic citations- textbook & outside academic source)
1. A discussion in relation to the adolescent literature genre under study for that week
(i.e. Science Fiction, Contemporary Realism, Historical Fiction).

  1. A discussion how/why the novel relates to a young adult’s social situation (authoritative control, bullying, peer pressure, isolationism, etc.).

  2. A discussion of how/why this novel is relatable for college level/adult readers as well as adolescent readers.

  3. A discussion of how/why this novel relates to the challenges of adolescent identity (ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.).

Choice 2:
Discuss the pop cultural allusions in Ready Player One. Why does the author utilize the music, films, video games, and television shows from the 1980s? What are some examples of allusions in the book? How well did you connect or not connect to these allusions? No external academic citation would be required if this option is chosen.

Definition of Allusion: an implied or indirect reference especially in literature (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/allusion)

Examples of Allusion

You can find examples at https://literarydevices.net/allusion/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Choice 3: Try your hand at writing Fan Fiction. (There are many websites explaining how to write in this format.) Writing FanFiction-

Write a chapter for Anorak’s Almanac. Write as if you are Anorak. Include a chapter of information you believe is currently missing from it that would be useful or provide further insight into Anorak’s personal life. Do not simply summarize/reflect on his entire life–be specific. For example, why did he choose three gates? OR why did he pick those colors for the keys? OR how did one particular awkward moment get incorporated into the quest? You make these things up through fan fiction writing. No external academic citation would be required if this option is chosen. Do not plagiarize current fanfiction. This aspect will be checked. I will be grading basic grammar, originality, and relevance to the novel.

FanFiction Examples (3 different types written by previous students in this class):

Below you will find three very different types of fan fiction writing for Ready Player One.
All versions were acceptable. For this assignment write ONE aspect of his life—Be specific. Do not cover his life and choices but rather ONE moment he would have written about for the almanac.

This student chose to write an entry as if Anorak was writing a dictionary:
My Almanac: The letter L
Labyrinth: A series of complex deceptions and false paths, which only the wittiest are able to circumnavigate; (See Maze). Some seek the epicenter of the labyrinth, as if the completion of this geometrical riddle will enlighten them, but the wise know to live within the moment and enjoy the adventure.
Legend: All of Ridley Scott’s movies must be analyzed, memorized, scrutinized, and with this you may surmise that only the wise and dedicated will win the prize.
Leucosia: Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, used to go by this name. After taking an extended holiday in the region, I have decided that there are three things that every man and women should know of this great city; the majestic beauty of the area will strike one to the depths of their being, the ancient history and culture concentrated in the city will make one strive to be a better man, and perhaps my most daring assertion; the city will be remembered for all of eternity, and not just in this old wizard’s heart, but by all of humanity. I can assure you of this.
Love: An awkward emotion. An emotion that I never understood or pursued, I will die regretting this fact. It is an emotion that has driven me to hate, and the emotion that has driven me to create. OASIS will be revered as my life’s work, though the encryption of my special egg, and the passionate hunt that it will inspire, will eventually be remembered as love’s work. I poured my heart and soul into my final creation, I only wish I had the courage to pursue true love with the same resolve.
Lucrative: Who could have imagined that one man could amass such an impressive collection of money; dollar bills, euros, rupees, rubles, yuans, and muchos dineros. Although money is often equated with power, the true power that I hold, the real power that is mine to give and yours to earn, is the kings chair upon the OASIS throne. Remember what you special nerds, gamers, and so called losers, those of you who will dedicate your life to the pursuit of this great wealth and power, must do so with the noblest of intentions. Before you dedicate thousands of hours, make that countless hours, solving my little riddle, know that I have encoded special safeguards within the search which will ensure that only the fittest suitor will become my successor.

Most of Anorak’s writing was flow of consciousness and this posting matches that aspect.
AA 1986:0407— As my time grows shorter, I begin to look back onto my life. I remember my time with Og and Leucosia with fondness. Og was one of the few people that (or at least tried to) keep me in the real. When I lost them, there was nothing left for me in this world. OASIS was the only thing that I would need. Here, I was all-powerful, invincible, even immortal. Just like Connor Macleod. I never had to fear the reaper. But in the real, I am nothing of the sort.
Queen was what really made Highlander great. Such meaningful messages. “Who wants to live forever?” If most people were asked this, I find invariably most people would want to. Imagine the possibilities. Being able to see where mankind will go…will we become explorers boldly going where no man has gone before? Will we become like the Colonies in Gundam Wing, floating in the heavens and detesting the world we left? Or, as I am more inclined to believe, are we to devolve into Mad Maxian, dystopian world, where we are forced to struggle for what little resources we have left in order to survive? As Anorak, I am much like the Highlander. I am unbeatable here, nothing and no one can touch me. But there’s the rub. No one can touch me, because none of this is real. In OASIS I may be the most powerful being ever, but in reality I am just a sick, old man.
Would I want to live forever? No, because every day would be a reminder of what I really am, ALONE. Og and Leucosia were what tethered me, and I have already lost one. If I were to live forever, I would inevitably lose everything. I have spent my entire life living here, reclaiming what I loved from my childhood, escaping from reality. In the time that I have left, I see what my life has amounted to. I have become the instrument for escape for others. I have created a world for mankind to escape to, to leave their troubles behind and never have to face reality. I have made myself. Only on a much grander scale. The world has become a place only a madman would dream of. Instead of developing and evolving into the next stage of the human animal, we have become stagnant and lethargic. And I was the one to make it so. To my fellow citizens of OASIS, living here because reality is too harsh and cruel to be a part of, I am sorry. May you find happiness in your lives before you go.


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