Select, rese-rch, -nd -nswer ONE of the following questions for this week s̓ discussion forum. Do provide complete references in the APA form-t for -ll of your sources. DQ responses -re due to be posted on the discussion forum before Wednesd-y evenings; qu-lity -nswers for e-ch question is expected to h-ve – length of -pproxim-tely 250 words or more.  

Discuss two elements of perform-nce m-n-gement th-t -re being pr-cticed in your org-niz-tion? Wh-t -re the benefits -nd best pr-ctices? Discuss two commonly observed errors in perform-nce me-surement -nd perform-nce -ppr-is-ls processes, -nd provide specific ex-mples of how m-n-gers -nd co-ches c-n -void them.




Tell us -bout the perform-nce -ppr-is-l system where you work. How often is it done? Which of the -ppro-ches discussed in -c-demic liter-ture pert-ins to the system where you work? Wh-t errors or bi-ses h-ve you witnessed? How s-tisfied over-ll -re you with this system? If -pplic-ble, how would you m-ke it more effective? If you -re not currently working, refer to – p-st job or interview someone who is working. How c-n m-n-gers become effective co-ches in the perform-nce m-n-gement process? In other words, wh-t -re some specific things th-t m-n-gers c-n do to be seen -s – perform-nce development co-ch, r-ther th-n – m-n-ger, in the workpl-ce? Perform-nce m-n-gement is



big business, -nd there -re m-ny comp-nies -nd consult-nts th-t speci-lize in providing systems for org-niz-tions of -ll size (An ex-mple is -s follows: http:// www.h-logensoftw-re.com/ products/h-logen- e-ppr-is-l/ (Links to -n extern-l site.) Links to -n extern-l site. ). Look -t the website of – perform-nce m-n-gement consult-nt -nd cite some d-t- or inform-tion from them -bout this topic -nd why it is import-nt to effectively m-n-ge perform-nce in -ny modern org-niz-tion. Discuss – v-lu-ble topic, concept, or theory th-t you reflected upon in the week s̓ -ssigned re-dings th-t is not mentioned -bove. Tell us the interesting topic from the -ssigned re-ding, wh-t is it


-ll -bout, wh-t is the v-lu-ble element or le-rning point, -nd/or how we c-n m-ke good use of it.


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