this is first question.
Consider this assignment and post your opinion on ONE of the following questions.
There are various types of topologies. The primary topologies include star, bus, and ring. Variations of these also include mesh and hybrid (combination of two).

Assuming you have never worked with networks before, from your reading, which network do you think is the most effective?
Do you think a specific network model would work better in some scenarios and not others, even if the given networks are about the same size? Why or why not?

this is second question
Complete the main portion of this assignment as outlined below. When applicable, adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines.
For this Discussion Board, you will take a look at network physical and logical topologies. Include the following in your post:

Compare and contrast 2 of the 5 standard network topologies and the different variations of these topologies.
What factors would you consider when implementing a particular topology?
Using the library and the Internet, research 1 example of a company and its network topology.

Provide a brief overview of it.

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