Discussion Assignment #1

comment on one (1) of the fellow.  pick one (1) of the fellow to make comments.
About two to three sentences
1. I believe that the Policy- making Board would be more instrumental in influencing the implementation of a smoke-free policy in a community simply because this board focuses on the goal setting and strategic planning of specific programs coordinated with the public health polices. The Policy-making Board pinpoints key factors that help reflect on certain public health polices that include smoke-free policies. Another public health policy that a board of health might advance would be obesity due to it being one of Americas most growing diseases and there is a definite need for advancement in programing for this particular issue.
2. Based on my personal preference, the type of agency that I would prefer to work in would be the Suburban Agency. I chose this agency because it stood out the most to me and I feel like this particular agency accommodates those who usually live in rural and urban areas. Suburban agencies handle either concerns when dealing with external constituencies. Also this agency is successful in providing sufficient funds to health agencies and they serve those in that suburban community (different income levels) which makes this agency more open than the other two agencies. What I mean by open is that it’s convenient for those individuals in that particular increasing population. I also chose this agency because it seemed as though many people could benefit from this suburban agency and I could see myself fitting into this sort of agency.
3. Competency statements include the knowledge of understanding skills and judgment that are usually demonstrated by someone who take on a particular task on a daily basis. Competency statements in a health department would help strive to meet the intent of their mission, vision, and values by simply providing key goals and assets for which a health department could potentially benefit from.
4. When it comes to academic institutions and roles dealing with employees of local health departments and the students in public health programs I think that for one being engaged is a very important role especially when dealing with the public health profession where it’s essential to be fully focused on programs and policies. If no one is engaged in the project then it won’t be successful in the end. I also believe that being responsible is another key role because it’s important for those who are employees of the workplace and for students in public health programs to ensure that every goal is met in order to implement certain public health programs and policies. Being responsible goes a long way in the public health field because there is a lot of information that is being proposed and it’s crucial for every job title supporting the public health programs to be done properly and responsibility is the key to that.
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