Write 8 pages with APA style on Comparing Shinto and Zoroastrian Religions. They aim at ensuring a person’s life is positioned within the religious organization. The family structure is considered the core of the Shinto religion. The organization defers with Zoroastrian religion. Zoroastrian religion organizes itself along religious pillars. The pillar defines the way of life and the nature in which believers interact with nature. Honesty, righteousness, and friendship are pillars uniting the religion. The pillars unite believers and decision-making is made in ways that are in line with the pillars. At the hierarchy of the organization is a supernatural being. The structure is similar to the Shinto religion. The Supreme Being in the religion is called Ahura Mazda. All creatures and living beings are expected to follow a defined path that identifies Ahura Mazda as the Supreme Being. The family structure completes the organizational components within the religion. Roles are assigned based on gender, age, and religious supremacy. Theirs exist teachers of the law who target at informing follower on the pillars and religious expectation. The organizational components give rise to the religious beliefs and practices. Religious beliefs Beliefs define a common component among religious believers the two religions differ in terms of beliefs. The war between evil and good is an essential element within the Zoroastrians religion. The religious belief focuses on the supreme nature of the good forces and it is the human to make informed decision to ensure a balance within the human spaces.
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