Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on why i want to study at pepperdine Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! I am a young Mexican catholic female who is on the verge of graduating from high school and I want to pursue my higher education degree at Pepperdine. What interests me the most of Pepperdine is the fact that its scholarly community equips its students with a liberal arts degree anchored on Christian values.
Your commitment to integrate faith and learning challenges to ultimately call for a life of service is appealing to me because I have always thought that what is obtained should be shared with the community. Give unto others as it has been given to you.
The impact that the service-learning may have on me in renewing my mind, spirit, and community are insurmountable. I already have a grounded foundation and Pepperdine will help me flourish in this area.

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I have strong values with strong ethics and morale. I also have a strong mind that will lead me to overcome any academic task that will be assigned to me. My spirit longs for spiritual guidance to help me help others on their path to spirituality. My desires to help the community are strong. The community is the essence of sharing, combining efforts to go forth for its improvement.
I also want to have the opportunity of working with your faculty in their research venues. I want to learn and help them with their research from primary sources in Spanish since I am able to take into consideration the culture, traditions, history, language, customs, and idiomatic terms while performing research. It will not only be a translation.
I hope that Pepperdine gives me the opportunity to become part of its higher education institution so that I may continue to grow in these aforementioned areas. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to fulfill my goals and objectives in serving the community upon graduation.
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