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discussion 1
Online contracts are becoming ubiquitous these days. They’re sometimes signed online even in face-to-face meetings between parties. Based on your study this week, what are some pitfalls you previously didn’t know? Describe an online contract or end-user license agreement you signed that made you think. Do you ever agree to things without fully reading them, even when the signature block says, “I have read and understand”? What do you think about this now that you have learned about online contracts?

discussion 2

Assess the main policy elements governing data classification and data handling in organizations to ensure that data remain protected at rest and in transit. Describe the methods that organizations can implement to ensure that data remains protected at rest and in transit.
Determine which areas of the data life cycle are the most challenging to control and explain why (i.e., creation, access, use, transmission, storage, physical transport, and destruction).

discussion 3

Identify the risks related to information systems and suggest ways to minimize them.
Describe Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Discuss their roles in information systems.

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