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#1Patricia Lopez Fernandez RN, BSN.
What is a Nurse’s Union? A labor union, also known as a trade union, is an organization of workers that forms to protect and advocate for its members’ interests — which, in this case, is nurses. Generally, unions do this through collective bargaining on behalf of its members. For nurses, this means safe staffing ratios, managing nursing shortages, and pay raises. Labor unions began to form in the United States in the 1800s in an effort to improve the deplorable working conditions many employees faced at the time. Because unions often empower workers by increasing their compensation and giving them more rights, many companies resist their formation. However, unions offer advantages for employers as well as employees. We always have two side of the coin.
On the other side of the coin, currently, there is no single labor union that represents nurses nationwide. However, most of these unions are neither organized nor led by nurses. Many union business representatives are labor lawyers who are unfamiliar with nursing practice or healthcare. This reflection of the leadership can cause the assumption that so-called nursing unions, or those representing nurses, are more interested in the power of membership dues. Nurses in a collective bargaining unit pay as much as $90 per month for union representation. Given the number of nurses working in represented organizations, those unions are a lucrative business.
Impact in the workforce of culture of safety, the unions frequently strive to ensure that workplaces are as safe as possible for their members by including improved safety standards as a component of contract negotiations with employers. While this provides obvious benefits for employees, it also can be important for employers. A safer workplace means fewer accidents and injuries, so companies pay less in workers’ compensation claims and experience less absenteeism resulting from work-related injuries.
I think the best MSN that relates to this topic is Essential II: Organizational and systems leadership. Develop the skills of being a leader is not easy. Being a leader is acquired more responsibility, organizational skills, and advocate not only for your patients which is our first responsibility. It is also present to help out any of your staff member that needs it and guide them in the right way. There are so many leadership styles, but all of them need to follow the same rules and duties to protect our patients.
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#2 Stephanie Rodriguez

Several nurses think of unionization as lacking professionalism, others think unions an important tool to assist ensure safe practice environments. The issue, though, may soon be debatable. In Florida, the Governor has suggested a financial budget Repair Bill which will strip public employees – including nurses in situation correctional facilities, psychological hospitals, lengthy-term care homes and also the College of Miami Hospital and Clinics of the collective bargaining legal rights. Comparable bills happen to be suggested in other states. Based on the data-based Department for Professional The workers union coalition, 18 percent of RNs and 10 % of LPNs and LVNs within the U.S. are union people (Thomas & Mendez, 2014).
How does being unionized impact a workforce culture of safety?
The most effective tool that we have in ensuring good health and safety at work is trade unions because organized workplaces are safer workplaces. That is one of the main reasons that people join and stay in a union. When asked, 70% of new trade union members considered health and safety a “very important” union issue – more even than for pay.
The public also recognize the importance of unions having a key role in health and safety. A NOP poll found that 98% of those asked believed “people at work should have the right to be represented by a trade union if they want to on health and safety”
Uniοn impact οn management is framed by twο dynamic prοcesses: fοrmatiοn οf underlying preferences οf each party and the interactiοn between the twο parties as each try tο pursue its goals. When unions arrive on the scene by organizing workers, they tend to drive up wages. In the pοpular mind, uniοn preferences have been understοod foremost in terms of obtaining “more” for their members. Οne pοssible respοnse οf management to an increase in wages is to substitute capital for the more expensive labor (Davis & Taylor, 2015). Even if the firm operates at the same level οf οverall prοductivity, a cοmbination of higher labor productivity and lower capital productivity, the ensuing outcome can be sub-οptimal because it wοuld lead tο inefficient allocation of resources. This can be called the price effect of unions, the effect of an increase in the price οf labοr. The price effect descriptiοn assumes that the workplace was already producing at the efficient frontier before unionizatiοn and that nο further gains in prοductivity could be made ex-post. The second set of explanations have been οffered by several schοlars who have argued that management of its own does not generally operate at maximum efficiency.
The MSN essential that relates to this topic specifically is organizational and systems leadership. The research presented within this reflection helps me understand that unlike many corporations who owned many hospital chains in Florida and round the U.S., activism is essential to organizational systems.
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