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VIDEO: Ken Robinson : do schools kill creativity?

Dr Nigel Spivey cave art 1

 – How Art Made The World 2 of 5 – The Day Pictures Were Born
Spivey Nivel 

Why does Ken Robinson believe Art is less valued in our education system than subjects like Math and Science.  Do you agree?
From dance to walking, running,  Ken Robinson and Csiksentmihalyi talk about (in different ways) the role of the body and movement in facilitating creativity.  Does bodily movement affect creativity in your experience?  How so?
Csikszentmihalyi describes some forms of entertainment as keeping us from creativity (bottom of p 348). What is his argument? Do you agree? Can forms of entertainment also encourage creativity?
Based on the reading from Spivey, how are imagination, art and creativity related?
What role does a person’s environment have on creativity?  Give examples.
Csikszentmihalyi describes a relationship between creativity and the struggle against problems and obstacles. Do you agree? Why/Why not?

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