Our project asks the following question: Do people form impressions about events in an algebraic manner or based on schemas?A bit of background. As you may remember from our lecture on social cognition, impression formation is the process by which people combine information about others to make overall judgements. We talked about two possible ways that researchers thought impressions might be formed.The first of these was via an algebraic process. Basically this just means that the information we have access to is combined in some kind of mathematical manner to arrive at an impression. Anderson (1965) proposed that there were three different possible algebraic models of impression formation. A note on using quotes: Please do not use quotes in your assignment. Because we want you to demonstrate your own understanding of the material, and not just cut and paste together a series of quotes, you will not receive marks for any quoted material (you will simply use up your word count).What to include in your full submission: Title page Introduction Discussion Reference listTopic Overview


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