Analyze the impact of intimate partner violence on the individual client.

A minimum of 5 appropriate references are used. Nursing journals, Periodicals, Medical journals, Nursing reference books, governmental web sites, etc. (No sites such as Wikipedia).
Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and word usage. The entire paper shows detail to the topic, and the sentences flow well from one thought to the next.
The topic is related to domestic violence identification, prevention, and assisting the victim with recovery.
The topic is clearly introduced in the introductory paragraph.
The prevalence of the problem is clearly and correctly outlined.
Risk factors or preventative measures related to the topic are included.
Nursing care and referral to appropriate resources is clearly and correctly outlined.
The topic is clearly summarized in the closing paragraph.
The paper is 3 – 5 pages (excluding the cover sheet and reference page(s).

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