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Please avoid plagiarism
Use very simple words
Follow the steps in below
Presentation Requirements:

4-6 minutes
6-10 slides
6 by 6 rules – you must have a maximum of 6 sentences and 6 words per slide
You must use APA citations on each slide
You must have a reference page as your last slide
Presentations will be assessed using the Dialogues of Learning oral communication rubric

Submission Requirements:

All of your presentation materials must be submitted on Canvas, including your slides, formal outline, and speaking outline

Your presentation must be submitted on Canvas

Formal outline

Typed, full sentence, correct format, complete reference page.

All information in your slides and speaking outline must be included
Speaking outline

You may use either note cards and single page to use during your presentation
Contains key words and phrases

You will apply Bandura’s theory to one person from The Glass Castle. You will describe a situation in which the person’s behavior was affected by the observation and imitation of another person and explain to the audience how the person was influenced by the interactions between his/her cognitions, environment and behavior. Any character in the book may be used.

The goal of this presentation is to provide information to your audience
You must cite both The Glass Castle and two individual chapters of the iBook (Chapters 3 and 4) in their presentations
Content Main Ideas:

3: The self is produced by the interaction between cognitions, the environment, and behavior.
4: The construct of self is a function of observing and imitating the behavior of others.

In case you are experiencing a technical difficulty, you must submit these to the instructor via email to prove timely submission while you contact IT to work out Canvas-related difficulties. Items then must be submitted via Canvas to be assessed. Submission via email will serve only as proof of timely completion but will not be assessed until the items are uploaded to Canvas.
PowerPoint slide presentation following the presentation guidelines above;
Formal and Speaking Outlines (samples posted on Canvas Modules – Sample Formal and Speaking Outline).

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