Reading and preparation are essential components of this course. Summary writing fosters a close engagement between you and the text and demonstrates your understanding. Beyond being a valuable tool for improving your own understanding, your reading journal will help you to prepare for class discussions and guide your knowledge throughout the semester and hopefully beyond

Include the following in your document:

Week and the chapter number (e.g., Week 2: Chapter 2). If the reading is from a different source than the assigned textbook, write the title of the article/chapter.

[Note: 1/26] Please review the following clarification about the format when there is more than one chapter to read during the week: Clarification.


Use the question prompts below to help shape your journal. The minimum word count per chapter/article is 200 words for the summary. If you include the question prompts in the journal, please do not inadvertently count the questions toward the word count.


List at least one question per chapter/article you had that you are unable to answer. Please do not count the questions towards your word count. Responses will be anonymized and utilized to help foster class discussion; information is also shared with guest speakers to help them learn about some of the general questions students may have about the topic/focus area.

Structure & Mechanics of Writing

Place your newest entry at the top (i.e.all previous entries should appear below in reverse chronological order). Save all of your subsequent entries in the same document. Your document will grow as the semester progresses, so that each week you will post a slightly larger document than the week before. At the end of the course, you will have a substantial body of reading notes, which you will hopefully draw upon in preparation for other assignments and class discussions.

Questions Prompts

Use the following question prompts to frame your academic reading journal summaries. When you include the question prompts in your reading notes, please do not inadvertently count these towards your minimum word count.

What insights or observations does this reading generate?
What new ideas are here for me to consider?
What connections can I make between this reading selection and something else that we have discussed in this course?
What do I still not know or understand about this topic?
How did this reading help me to build knowledge that can be used professionally or personally?
What information from this reading selection resonates with, and contributes to, my interest in these topics?
How is what I am reading different from what I already know?
What challenged me to think about things differently?
What are three of the most important concepts I gleaned from the reading selection?
What do I not agree with from the reading selection, and why?
What aspect of the reading did I find most interesting or difficult?

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