Each student individually will select a national or international brand or company that has recently (within the past two years) encountered a major problem or crisis resulting in the loss of public trust or confidence in the brand. The issue or crisis may include a product recall; an industrial or environmental accident; a product that caused injury or death; employee misconduct; corporate or executive fraud. BRAND FOR THIS PAPER: DOVE (DOVE.COM) To help mitigate the fallout and damage from the crisis, to help resolve the problem, to explain its actions or its position to the public, and in an effort to restore public trust, the company used paid advertising as one of its communication tactics. The following are some brands and companies that have experienced crises but are outside the two-year time for your use in this paper: SeaWorld and Blackfish controversy; the BP Gulf oil spill; Dominos employees pizza video; Martha Stewart insider trading conviction; Yaz misleading and corrective advertising mandated by the FTC; Lance Armstrong, Tour de France, and Livestrong Foundation; Jiff Peanut Butter; Mattel toy safety issues; Toyota recalls; Jet Blue delayed flights/passenger videos; Wal-Mart employee issues. This is fertile ground since brands stumble publicly and attempt to regain public trust by using paid advertising as a communication tool to speak to their consumers and stakeholders. For the paper you will
1) research corporate, industry and news sources to determine the nature and extent of the (DOVE) crisis;
2) research the (DOVE) industry in which the company competes to determine if competitors have faced a similar issue or crisis;
3) determine the (DOVE) companys previous track record with similar issues or crisis;
4) assess the (DOVE) companys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regarding its commitment to being socially responsible in dealing effectively with the issue;
5) assess the damage to the (DOVE) brand, if any;
6) analyze how effectively the (DOVE) company responded to the crisis by using advertising as a media tactic in its communication strategy; and
7) detail the action the (DOVE) company took to resolve the issue and correct the problem. Finally, you will determine through your research if the advertising program was effective in countering negative opinion about the (DOVE) brand. Was the advertising program truthful and ethical in response to the crisis?
Defend your assessment with external sources cited in-text in APA style in addition to your own informed opinion; minimum 3,000 words in text, excluding words on sources page. Annotated Bibliography and sources in APA style cited must be attached.
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