Student Name:EBP Journal Article in APA format:
Is this an Evidence Based Article? Name of Journal and Year article was written?Yes/No Name of Journal Year:.2 points
State the problemWhat was the goal of the project in the article? Does this project correlate with your problem? State how? What are you trying to achieve? Does this article support this goal?Problem: Goal: State how this article correlates with your group problem and goal..2 points
Strengths (Internal)What’s was good about your article? Why was this project successful?List attributes of the article, i.e. support from administration, councils, colleagues, institutions.Did this implementation take place on a unit or area like yours?.4 points
Weakness (Internal)- issuesExample: lack of education, lack of staffing, staff readiness, lack of support; size, managerial style..4 points
Opportunities (External)Example: Lack of supplies, educational needs, stakeholders, baseline (your baseline data), what needs to be improved?.4 points
Threats – (External)Staff buy in, support, limitations and barriers, supply cost, cost of implementation, time, money, realistic?.4 points
Total Points = 2 points “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”
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