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THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.In the shadows of the Elden Tower stands the Cauldron.A Cauldron that has kept eternal death in its depths for over a thousand years.Continue playing as the protagonist of the long-gestating game and whose deepest wishes are about to be realized in a truly unprecedented fashion…In other words, a brand new RPG, Gravity Rush 3.The setting of Gravity Rush 3 is “the Lands Between” – a place the same protagonist, Kat, has been traveling to even before “Gravity Rush 2.” After all, the protagonist’s wish for life in a fantasy world exists in the first game as well as the second.Take the protagonist’s fantastic adventures to the next level!
Gravity Rush 3 Overview:Kat, the protagonist of the first Gravity Rush, is getting married!How exciting!
So, after getting married, Kat, her husband, and her father-in-law go on a journey, although her husband has apparently been working at a secret base for over 1,000 years.At the base, Kat encounters the mysterious girl Valka and her familiar – the “monstrous rabbit”, the “Friendly Rabbit.”
However, things get screwed up, and while Kat is being transported to the base, she has a strange dream in which she sees something familiar; a strange dream of the protagonist’s previous life.
This dream sends Kat to a parallel universe, the “Lands Between.”Gravity Rush 3’s main gameplay feature is that as the game progresses Kat can combine her “Navi” to transform her environment.However, besides combat and Navi, there is another aspect to Gravity Rush 3 that seems to be a new feature.
“The Dreams.”In “The Dreams,” Kat can manipulate the protagonist’s original dreams, change the world according to Kat’s will, or something else that Ibff6bb2d33
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Mechanics SYSTEM Offline Offline Offline Cast Time: 180 seconds On-attack15 seconds Cooldown On-cast60 seconds duration Cast Time: 180 seconds On-attack15 seconds Cooldown On-cast60 seconds duration Submerge3 seconds Cooldown Exhausted-100 HP per minute MP to CastPerform1000 MP to CastPerform1000 MP to CastThe new setting of action RPGDEAD REBORN“Preach the Gate of Heaven”-Emperor’s OrderEncounter each other in the RealmAfter Episode 1, Chapter 2 (Chapter 2) “The Sword Saint”Encounter each other in the RealmAfter Episode 1, Chapter 2 (Chapter 2) “The Sword Saint”Encounter each other in the RealmAfter Episode 1, Chapter 2 (Chapter 2) “The Sword Saint”Episode 1, Chapter 2 (Chapter 2)Players will meet each other in the realm of Dead ReBorn: a world of bliss and fear. The violence of the human world lives on there. To the surprise of the people of Dead ReBorn, various and fantastic creatures appear and an encounter between humans and death takes place. Feel the emotion of a dying person and the inevitability of the world with your heart in an atmosphere of beautiful and terrifying humans.World of Dead ReBornIn Dead ReBorn, you will be introduced to the world of death.Are there people with truly pure hearts among the humans of Dead ReBorn? Or is there something secret or mythical about the humans of Dead ReBorn? Or is there perhaps a someone who has used his power of resurrection?While traveling through the world, you will find difficult decisions that you must decide on your own. The Game and world will be changing based on the choices that you make.Edits in Episode 1, Chapter 2 (Chapter 2) “The Sword Saint”The world of Dead ReBorn is continuously in development. Although we are certain that we have already fulfilled a large number of players’ expectations, we are still making improvements. We will be making several changes to Chapter 2 (Chapter 2) “The Sword Saint” as follows:-Revised the system for summoning the Order of the Sword.-Corrected the terminology.-Revised the information on leveling weapons.-Changed the target of the auto-attack of a boss.-Revised the information on the Tier of weapons.-Changed

What’s new in Elden Ring:

Key Features

Virtual Terraces: A virtual world that is the ultimate in immersion.
Period Music: Beautifully composed and seamlessly played music with Japanese cultural elements.
An Epic Drama Born from a Myth: A colossal drama unfolds to form unique images and stories.
Enter a Savage World Ruled by Monsters: You may be blessed with the power of the monstrous tribe, but you must rise above the chaos, and with your people by your side, fulfill your destiny.

New Features

Majesty’s Modify: Use the stone from the mountain to modify the appearance of your horse.
New Majesty Towers: A new kind of tower that appears when creating a new castle. These towers have various special effects that can be mixed and matched.
Images of the Lands Between (You can See the Lands Between Right Now!): Three huge dungeons directly below the Elden Ring that change in shape and appearance. With the change comes the varied new images and stories of the lands below. Stay tuned…!

Compatibility Issues

Version numbers

PlayStation4, PS Vita
(shannon),, 12 Feb 2017 09:34:00 +00002017-02-13T03:54:07.797-08:00PSN Game Store Black Friday SaleEvening update: New Ver. 1.01 is made available for PS4 and PS Vita!We’re delighted to announce the availability of the new Ver. 1.01 update for PS4 and PS Vita. *Update has made some
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Alternative to PsG:The game I made for my friend and I played it a lot with more than 100 hours. Thanks all the little guys who randomly appear in the world.
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