Teachers of social studies and the arts are challenged to develop standards-based curriculum that integrates current local and global issues into instruction. Doing so engages students in applying content knowledge to real-world problems.
The purpose of this assignment is to practice writing learning objectives based on this integration. In this assignment you will watch a social studies lesson and analyze its relevance to current local and global issues. You will then write learning objectives that cover the content in the video lesson.
Part 1: Reflection
View the Teaching Channel video listed in this topic’s materials. While watching the video, think through the following questions in order to reflect:

How has this teacher accomplished the task of exposing students to academic language and critical thinking skills while addressing social studies standards and current events?
What supports were put in place to help students apply critical thinking skills to a real-world current event? What effect did this have on student learning?

Write a 250-500 word reflection, addressing the above questions.
Part 2: Writing Objectives
Review “Well-Written Learning Objectives in Social Studies” to inform this part of the assignment.
Consider the fourth grade social studies standards applicable to your state. Using those standards and the Teaching Channel video lesson, write four lesson objectives for the content covered in the video.
Utilizing the Depth of Knowledge chart, write one objective per DOK level, and show the standard(s) they are aligned to. Expand upon the lesson, if needed.

View “3 R’s: Revolution, Reaction and Reform,” located on the Teaching Channel website.https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/teaching-complex-concepts
. Descriptors of DOK Levels for Social StudiesReview the “Descriptors of DOK Levels for Social Studies,” located on the Stancoe website.https://www.stancoe.org/sites/default/files/instructional-support-services/resources/california-state-standards/CSS_descrip_social_studies.pdf
Arizona State Standards for 4th grade https://cms.azed.gov/home/GetDocumentFile?id=5bd77…


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