Task 1
You have to prepare a conceptual design for a wastewater treatment system for the selected Wilayat based on the following aspects:
1. Types of pollutants produced, treatment units and processes (flowchart)
2. The water quality that would result from the system in term of quality, national and international standard, social and cultural acceptance, and ecological impact.
3. Controlling sources of pollution: Pollution prevention approaches to reduce, eliminate, or prevent pollution at its source, should be considered. Examples are to use less toxic raw materials or fuels, use a less-polluting industrial process, and to improve the efficiency of the process such as the use of sustainable manufacturing.
Task 2
You have to prepare control strategies for managing air quality from land transportation to achieve air pollution reduction.
1. Controlling emissions related to transportation can include emission controls on vehicles as well as use of cleaner fuels.
2. Discuss stakeholder engagement and public participation and make sure that your design or strategy benefited both the environment and society

1. The number of pages not more than 15 pages.
2. The body of the report should be as following:
* Abstract
* Introduction
* Body
* Conclusion
* References ( Should be Conventry Harvard Style )
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