engl 102 proposal argument assignment

2305 – My Nursing AssignmentJuly 13, 20211971July 13, 2021

Proposal arguments make the case that someone should do something. This assignment asks you to write a proposal argument that includes and revises elements from your previous rebuttal and/or causal arguments. Your proposal needs to identify a problem, address those who should care about the problem, and suggest real world solutions that are practical and fair. It should compel an audience to some sort of action.
You can see Chapter Thirteen from Good Reasons on our Blackboard site for additional support. Your proposal argument should be 7-8 pages in length, include a minimum of two scholarly sources from the libraryâ€s databases, and at least one popular source. It should also follow the required paginated documentation and formatting guidelines. Revised portions from previous arguments can form up to 4-5 pages of this project.

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