English-introductory paragraph | Article writing homework help

Applying one or more of the suggested strategies, draft your introductory paragraph for Essay #3.  (LINK BELOW)
Be sure to introduce your topic (your chosen story) by incorporating a 3-5 sentence plot summary of the story. Recall that you drafted a 3-5 sentence summary as part of your notes earlier this week; use it or adapt it for your intro!
Review the introduction strategies from Unit 2.  Be sure to include

A hook,
Background information on the play and playwright,
Your thesis.

Please also review the following video clip below and handout:
Sample introduction from 
“A Journey of Sisterhood” by Stephanie Ortega
Trifles begins at the start of a murder investigation. Mrs. Wright has allegedly murdered her harsh husband, John Wright:; and the Sheriff and his wife, Mrs. Peters; the County Attorney; and the neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Hale, all come to the Wright house to investigate. Throughout the entire play the women are always on stage, whereas the men enter and exit, so the women are the play’s focus. But Glaspell’s Trifles is a feminist play not only because of that, but also because of how it shows two or even three very different women coming together in sisterhood. 
Ortega, Stephanie.   “A Journey of Sisterhood.”  Norton Introduction to Literature, 12th ed., Kelly J. Mays, Ed. Norton, 2017.   796-99.
Assignment Guidelines – Please see attached Sample Introduction and Breakdown


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