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quot an island versus a continent quot 1June 3, 2021

A few folks have emailed me from both of my BLCN-534 sections. I want to make clear what is due for the assignment. 
There is a use case associated with the assignment. You need to incorporate ALL requirements into the ERD, not just some components into the ERD Diagram. There are various examples that I have provided throughout the semester. I have pointed to another one so you know what I am explicitly expecting to see. 
About the ERD Diagram

An ERD Diagram (PDF File ONLY)
A Word / PDF Document that describes exactly what is in your ERD. This helps me make sure you know what you modeled! Also, on that document, please tell me who did what for the assignment.
Please provide me example screen shots to a working prototype of your database and/or access to the database. Make the dataset realistic, not scrap data. I will need to have access to the database if that is your preferred option until December 11, 2020 at 11:59pm EST unless I ask otherwise.

I hope these instructions clear everything up for those of you who were confused. 

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