“Visual Realism” comprises values around photographic representation
that are based in some way on the mechanical impression of images on light
sensitive paper, or an electronic equivalent, and all the psychological and social
effects that result from that. One clear expression of realist values comes from
Bazin. Connect insights from Bazin to the consequences of media on culture in a
way that also reflects on the reading about the Rodney King beating. Finally,
write about one long paragraph (or more if you want) about related issues you see
going on in the U.S. currently.
In this essay you will:
A. Explain Bazin’s idea about photography (it applies to film, video, social
media as well),
B. Explain this idea relation to “cultural anaesthesia” and the trial of the
officers accused of illegally beating Rodney King. Be sure to define cultural
anaesthesia and to specifically describe the use of video in the trial.
C. Write a bit about the current issue in a way that is informed by A. and B.

How to prepare:
Know definitions of ideas–the above question tells you what
definitions you need. For instance, Bazin’s idea. Others are also specified. Read
the question.
Memorize details—find a few SPECIFIC relevant details in the
readings that support what you are pointing out and support the connections you
are making, and memorize these details for future use.
Make connections– have the idea ahead of time about what you
want to say about Bazin, Feldman, etc. as this relates to your chosen further

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