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1. In my experience developing and presenting an ethics education program for long term care staff, one of the most interesting results of the program evaluation was an increase in participants’ recognition of issues as having ethical significance. Part of the evaluation process was a pre- and post- test that included a question about how many ethical issues arose in the respondent’s facility in the past month. The results reflected a statistically significant increase in the number of ethical issues reported by respondents. In other words, it appears that one of the most significant results of ethics education is an increase in the ability to recognize ethical issues and problems.
In the assigned video, Nick Broughton is vehement about the value and importance of being knowledgeable about ethics and being able to give ethically-grounded justifications for your belief about what the “right” thing to do is. He even asserts it’s a competitive advantage to be able to do so. Having read this week about the distinction between an ethics program and a compliance program, there are several questions for discussion: (1) Does most workplace have an express ethics program? Is there also a compliance program? Are you personally familiar with the content of both? Are both accorded equal importance within the organization? How are the values/requirements of each communicated to staff? Who is responsible for implementing each?
Discussion Prompt – NCAA Manual

When a school tenders an NLI to a prospect and the prospect signs it, the school has greater flexibility when dealing with the prospect. In the NCAA Manual find two examples of recruiting restrictions that are lifted or reduced once an NLI is signed..
Do you think a prospect that has signed a NLI should be permitted to void his/her NLI if the coach that recruited him/her leaves the school?

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